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Transport Services

Flatbed Trailers

We offer flatbed hauling services from coast-to-coast. Our flatbed fleet consists of 48 ft & 50 ft. flatbed trailers. We have regular flatbed trailers as well as flatbed trailers with conestoga tarp systems. Conestogas are usually a driver preference because of their convenience of sliding the tarps open and closed compared to strapping down a bunch of individual tarps. It also ensures that our customer's product will be protected from the weather. You can count on us to safely deliver your flatbed freight.

Dump Trailers

Need to haul rock, sand, gravel or other aggregate material? No problem! Our dump trailers are perfect for the job. Our dump trailers run from 24 ft steel trailers to 39 ft all aluminum.  They are able to haul a wide range of materials and our shorter trailers can get into tight spaces if necessary. We offer dependable and trusted dump trucking services for Arkansas and the surrounding areas.

We haul a wide range of materials such as Asphalt, Top Soil, Sand, Gravel, Rock, Dirt / Mud, Ash, Concrete, Wood Waste - Bark, Chip, Sawdust, Road Millings, Agricultural Products and Fertilizer / Farm Materials.


Livestock Trailers

We have multiple livestock trailers in our fleet and we can help ensure a safe and healthy delivery of your livestock. Our drivers are experienced in loading and handling cattle and other livestock. We take pride in providing timely services to producers and packing plants in a professional manner while maintaining a high level of safety and animal handling standards.

Chip Trailers

We have several chip trailers in our fleet and can help haul your wood chips or waste where it needs to go. We have an extensive history working with sawmills and manufacturing facilities. We take pride in our operating clean trucks and keeping our drivers safe.



We've got you covered with Heavy Equipment & Trailers to handle all types of recoveries! 

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